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How to protect your sensors from vandalism
How to protect your sensors from vandalism
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Unfortunately, Air Quality Sensors can be targeted by vandals and destroyed. Below, we provide a few ideas for better protecting your sensor(s) if you believe they are deployed in an area that may be suspect to vandalism.

Option 1: Install in a Protected Area

Option 1 is the most involved and most difficult to enforce on a broad scale. If you are able to install the sensor in a secured area (e.g., within a locked fence, within a locked enclosure), it is best to do so to provide maximum security for your sensor(s).

Option 2: Install a Lock

Each QuantAQ Air Quality Sensor is lockable and has a latch with a hole that can support a small lock of your choosing. While QuantAQ does not sell locks, they can be purchased at any hardware store, Target, Amazon, etc.

Image of a MODULAIR with a TSA lock for protection.

Option 3: Install Tamper-Resistant Screws

When new, each QuantAQ Air Quality Sensor is secured with a metal latch that supports a lock (Option 2). It is also possible to remove the four plastic inserts in the four corners of the device and replace them with tamper-resistant screws. Screws made specifically for these boxes can be purchased directly from the manufacturer here. Using tamper-resistant screws will make it very difficult for anyone break into the enclosure, including yourself. If you install tamper-resistant screws, make sure to bring the correct torx drive when performing fieldwork.

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