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How to download resampled data
How to download resampled data
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To download resampled data, follow the instructions below:

Download resampled data for a single device

  1. Navigate to the device page

  2. Click the "Download Data" button in the upper right

  3. Select the date range you'd like to download data for (inclusive)

  4. Optionally, add a description

  5. Select the "Resampled Data" tab (to the right of the "Full-Resolution Data" tab)

  6. Choose a resampling period

    1. Currently, supported resampling periods include 15 minutes, hourly, 8 hours, and daily

  7. Click "Download Selected Data"

Your data should show up on your data page shortly. Depending on the volume of data requested, this could take several minutes.

Notes about resampled data

Averaging Calculations

Averaging is not intended to match the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) or other specific averaging logic and is provided for convenience only.

Completeness Criterion

Only periods with more than 75% of data for the pollutant will be present in the resampled data.

Resampling Periods



15 minutes

Provides four 15 minute long averages per hour: hh:00-hh:15, hh:15-hh:30, hh:30-hh:45 and hh:45-hh+1:00 in the local time of the device


"hourly" provides twenty-four* 1 hour averages per day from hh:00-hh+1:00 in the local time of the device (*except for days with DST changes)

8 hours

"8 hour" provides three 8 hour averages per day, from 00:00-08:00, 08:00-16:00, and 16:00-00:00 in the local time of the device


"daily" provides one 00:00-00:00 average per day, in the local time of the device

Date Range Limits

Date ranges are now unlimited for all durations of resampled downloads.

Daylight Savings

Resampled data downloads process resampling periods in local time, including any daylight savings changes relevant to the period. For example, for a sensor located in the "America/ Los_Angeles" timezone, for which in 2023 Daylight Savings Time ends on Nov 5th, the "daily" average for Nov 5th will be from midnight Nov 5th PDT to midnight Nov 6th PST and will be an average of 25 hours worth of data. Alternately, "Hourly" averages for that sensor will contain 25 individual hourly averages for Nov 5th, 2023.
QuantAQ highly recommends working in UTC and only using local time for semantic reference.


Why are there some missing values in my resampled data?

The QuantAQ Cloud automatically applies a completeness criterion of 75% for each pollutant in the resampled data. If less than 75% of data is available for a pollutant during the period, the resampled value is omitted. This could be due to a lack of entire data points during that period (for example, if the sensor was offline), or due to flagging for a single pollutant.

Is Resampled Data available through the API?

Yes, as of Feb 27th, 2024, Resampled Data is available via the QuantAQ Cloud API directly. See our API documentation for more details.

Is downloading trailing averages supported?

No, not at this time. We may add support for this feature in the future.

Is device location data resampled?

No, per feedback, device latitude and longitude is no longer included in resampled data.

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