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Collect serial logs from a QuantAQ Air Quality Sensor
Collect serial logs from a QuantAQ Air Quality Sensor
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Collecting serial logs from a QuantAQ Air Quality Sensor can help QuantAQ debug devices, especially when they cannot connect to the cellular network. Error logs are stored locally on the µSD card in a logs directory. These logs can be pulled by removing the µSD card and copying the logs directory to your local computer. More guidance can be found here: How to retrieve logs from the µSD card.

In addition, serial logs are streamed over serial to the micro-USB connector available only on the MODULAIR. To find the location of the micro-USB connector, please see the product documentation for the sensor you are trying to grab logs for. The relevant docs can be found at the link below:

The serial logs can aid in debugging as they output detailed information about the cellular network, individual device subcomponents, and more. To stream and save these logs, follow the instructions below.

Stream logs to your computer over serial

Step 1 - Connect the sensor to your computer

Using a micro-USB cable, connect your unpowered sensor to your computer. On the MODULAIR, you will need to open the top panel of the chassis and plug the cable into the micro-USB port labeled J1.

Once the cable is connected, turn on the sensor.

Step 2 - Open a serial connection between the sensor and your computer

While you can use any serial logging program (e.g., Arduino IDE), we recommend using the web-based USB Serial Debug Log as it doesn't require you to download any additional software and works directly from your browser. The rest of these instructions assume you are using the USB Serial Debug Log program.

Click "Connect" and then select the item available in the popup box and then click "Connect" in the bottom right of the popup. At this point, you should see logs streaming to the screen.

Step 3 - Download the logs

Let the device run for 5 minutes unless otherwise directed. Once the device has logged to your screen for 5 minutes, click "Download". This will download a text file containing the logs which you can then forward to the support team at QuantAQ.

Step 4 - Disconnect

Once completed, click "Disconnect" and unplug your sensor from your computer.

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