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What equipment will I need to deploy my sensors?
What equipment will I need to deploy my sensors?
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Please take a look at the product manual for your sensor to understand the mounting options available. The exact equipment needed to install your sensor(s) will depend on how and where you plan to install them. QuantAQ does not ship sensors with specific mounting hardware for the sensors themselves as the equipment needed is specific to your installation location and mounting options.

Below, we document common installation patterns and example hardware:



Small Post (e.g., Fence Post or Tripod)

U-Bolts, Zip-ties, or Hose-clamps

Large Post (e.g., Telephone Pole)

Hose-clamps or similar


Zip-ties or similar


Screws or similar

The enclosures used for QuantAQ sensors are manufactured in the US by Polycase. If you would like a more robust mounting solution for large poles or posts, Polycase sells a Pole Mount Kit that is available for purchase directly through them. Please refer to the table below for part number and a link:

Alternatively, you can buy or build your own mounting bracket that is specific to your installation solution. The landing pattern for the screws on the base of the box is documented in the product manual for the sensor.

If you would like advice or help in planning your installation, please get in touch with support and we will schedule a time to speak with you.

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