Transferring ownership of a device

Transferring a device

You can transfer devices to other QuantAQ users.

About device transfers

When you transfer a device to a new owner, they can immediately administer the device's settings, team membership, and access all data.

Prerequisites for device transfers:

  • When you transfer a device you own to another personal account, the new owner will receive a notification. The new owner must accept the device transfer before the transfer is complete. 
  • You must know the username of the user you wish to transfer ownership to.

What's transferred with a device?

When you transfer ownership of a device, you will remain its administrator until the new owner accepts the transfer. At this point, you will immediately lose all admin rights to the device. No changes to device teams will be made. 

Transferring a device owned by your personal account

  1. On, navigate to the device page for the device you wish to transfer.
  2. On the device page, click Edit Device

  3. On the Device Settings page, navigate to the "Danger Zone"

  4. Under "Danger Zone", click Transfer
  5. After clicking Transfer, a modal will appear. Read the information about transferring ownership of a device, then type the name of the user you'd like to transfer ownership of the device to.

  6. Type "transfer" into the confirmation box, then click I understand the consequences, transfer this device.
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