Creating and managing teams

To manage a large number of sensors or to easily manage who is able to see and manage sensors on, you can create teams. Teams are groups of users that can share access to one or more sensors.

To create a team, simply navigate to the teams page, which is accessible via the navigation bar in your console. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see a button that says "Create new team". You can give your team a name and a short description. Once finished, click "Create Team" and you're done! You can then navigate to that specific teams page where you will see several tabs including Fleet Health, Members, Devices, Map, and Settings. As the user who created the team, you are automatically a team administrator. You can add up to two more administrators (for a total of three) for any given team.

To learn how to add members to a team or to add devices to a team, please check out the specific articles on those topics.

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